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BVM Microsystems
BVM Microsystems

BVM Microsystems, Indore is an SGV Sarc, Inc Development Centre. We are a Premier Software Products Development Company - one of the first of the little few in the country, and, the first in Indore. BVM Microsystems is the technical arm involved in the development of state of the art software products research, leading edge software products development, and, providing round the clock support for the products being marketed and used by it's clients the world over.

Our customers are several big corporates - across the globe. Our customers hail from diverse fields of industry, research labs and academic institutions. We have been continuously and incrementally adding organizations from varied fields as our valued customers.

Our company is built around a dynamic team of engineers with brave fresh new ideas who approach each day as a challenge. Our team comprises of self-starters, who take the initiative and work on new and innovative ideas. Each one of us is a team player with a positive attitude. We have a tremendous appetite for research and innovation that strengthens our willingness to continuously learn and get back to the drawing board to experiment and innovate with technology. We take pride in being the first product development software company of Central India. We are a young and committed team of less than 20 engineers and have developed state of the art tools being marketed the world over. Nothing is impossible for us.

Like, we believe

"Software programs are based on a limited vocabulary - instead of editing character-by-character from the keyboard, why not edit code by clicking a context-sensitive Tokens Panel? And while we are at it, why not automatically format the code too?

The result: Crystal REVS is the best context-sensitive code editor there is.

Most software engineers have experienced the frustrations of going through poorly formatted code and undocumented legacy code. Our code visualization tools are extremely valuable for understanding legacy code and for reviewing newly designed code. Our reverse engineering tool Crystal FLOW creates the best professional grade flowcharts from C/C++ source code - period. We believe that your time is too precious to be lost in low-level editing, reading code line-by-line or struggling with uncommented code.

Our excellent tools are reflective of the spirit and experience of our engineers. We are committed to stand solidly behind our products and to make sure that they bring exceptional value to your software design and development."

At BVM Microsystems, we envision the creation of a Software factory, for which the creation of a flowchart factory will be the stepping stone. Our doors are always open for all spirited software developers with a never-say die attitude to be part of our team. In return we offer an exciting, open and free - vibrant and colourful work environment where dedicated teams tackle the challenges in offering state of the art products to our customers. We have has an open work culture stressing on performance and quality, and offer excellent growth prospects for the right candidates - with a never say die attitude.

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