10. Call Flow

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1. Create a CallFlow

-   Place the cursor anywhere in the function.

-   Click the < Create CallFlow > in the toolbar.

2. What do you get with the CallFlow

You get a simplified view of the function. You can easily see:

-   the functions called in that function

-   the control flow of the function

3. View the code covered by miniature symbols

-   Click on miniature symbols and view the code covered by them.

      Scroll highlighted code

-   Click the < Scroll Code Up > and < Scroll Code Down > ,

4. CallFlow enables you to:

-   Make a fast attack on the current function and its called-functions

-   Understand a function's logic in detail

5. Expand function-calls in a CallFlow

In CallFlow, the presence of a function-call is indicated by the icon above the symbol.

-   Double-click on a symbol that contains a function call.

The expansion is inserted just before the function call.

      Collapse an expansion

-   Double-click on the start symbol of the expansion

6. Easily navigate to many functions in many files

Click on a flowchart symbol and view the corresponding code in the Source File

-   Click on the symbol containing "Tracking:..." to go to the start of the function in file window.

-   In a CallFlow expansion, click on the start symbol to view the function-call in the file window

7. View the CallStack

When you expand function-calls in a CallFlow, often you have a sequence of CallFlows that are nested in one another:

To view the sequence of functions that brought you to a nested expansion:

-   Right-click in any symbol in the nested expansion

-   Select < Function Call Stack > in the pop-up menu

Now you can see the full call stack.

-   Click on a functionís-name in the call-stack to go to its expansion

8. View the functionís full flowchart

-   Click on any symbol in the CallFlow so that the corresponding code is highlighted in the File Window.

-   Click in the main toolbar at the top.

      Go back to CallFlow

To go back to the CallFlow:

-   Click < Back to Flowchart > in the Flowchart toolbar

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