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1.   Create a Project
Create a project
If source files or header files have extensions other than *.c, *.cpp, *.h
Add source files and header files to the project
Set the Include-Path-Sequence
Parse All Files
After parsing, check for Missing header files
If any header files are missing
After adding folders to the Include-Path-Sequence
2.   Dummy-Header File & Language Extensions
If your code contains non-ANSI C keywords
3.   Flowchart
Create a Flowchart
View Flowchart and Code side-by-side
    Highlight code in File window,        Scroll highlighted code in File window
View Type Information
View the conditions that need to be true
Flowchart Toolbar
High-level Symbols
    View Code Coverage,        Expand a high-level symbol
    Collapse symbols at the current level
Divide and Conquer
Create a sub-flowchart
    Create a switch-flowchart
    create the flowcahrt of a while-loop, if-else, for-loop etc
    Create a deeper sub-flowchart
    Go back to parent flowchart,        Go back to sub-flowchart
Go to the flowchart of a Called function
Expand function-calls in a flowchart
    Create an expandable Flowchart,        Expand a function-call
    Collapse an expansion
Transparent Flowchart Window
Navigating in Flowchart
    Arrow-keys and the Home key,        Hand icon to drag and move
Highlight one or more connections
    Highlight a Flowchart connection
    All connections that arrive at a statement
    All paths that leave a high-level symbol
    Highlight another connection
Visual distinction in a monotonous flowchart
Text search in a flowchart
    Labelling of True and False branches,        Flowchart Settings
    Flowchart Appearance,        Customize Flowchart window
    Customize shapes for system-calls,
Types of flowcharts
    Code Flowchart,        Comment Flowchart,        Code + Comment Flowchart
Special Comments
Print a flowchart
    Print preview,        Sizing for print
Export Flowchart
    Export flowchart - .jpg, .bmp, .html
    Export flowchart to Visio
4.   Trees - Call Caller File Base Derived Project Relationship
Call Tree,        Caller Tree,        Files Call Tree,        Project Call Tree
File Tree,        Include By Tree,        Project File Tree
File Relationship Tree of the current file
Base Class Tree,        Derived Class Tree
Project Class Tree,        Class Relationship Tree of the current class
Data Dependency Tree
5.   Tree Operations
Order tree-nodes by name,        Order tree nodes by call-occurrence
Show library functions, undefined functions etc
Expand the whole tree,        Expand once
Node Prefixes
Go to function-call,        Go to function-definition
Type information of current node
Search in tree
    Using the Search box in the search toolbar
    Using the Search icons in the main toolbar
View call-sequence,        Call-sequence to current node
    View all call-sequences,        Show whole tree
Navigating in the tree
    Use the Home key, Arrow keys
    Go to parent node
    Go back to previous / Go to next
Mark / hide,        Marking and unmarking nodes
    Go to a marked node up/down,        Hiding and unhiding nodes
Tree Settings,        Tree Appearance,        Customize the Tree Window,       
Export Tree
    Export as .jpg, .bmp or .html,        Export as a .txt file
Create flowchart of the current node
Create CallFlow of the current node
6.   Browse Window
Browse Window
Project Files <Prj Files> card
Project Browse <Prj Browse> card
    Go to a Function's definition,        View Recursive functions
    Print the Tree or Export as a text file
Project Report <Prj Report> card
    View / Hide Specific items,        Print the Tree or Export as a text file
Switch To
    List of functions in the current file
    Use Outline to walk through the file
    View the #if, #ifdef, etc affect
File Report
Flowchart,        View the conditions that must be true
Function's outline,        View the conditions that must be true
Function Properties/Area Properties,        Callers of the current function
7.   Navigation
Display Quick Buttons
Outer indent
Skip Deeper Indents
Sentence wise navigation
Function wise navigation
Go back and Go forward
Pop Context
Go to Modified lines
Go to Marked lines
Scroll half a page
Next or Previous word
Next or Previous object
Go to Definition, Declaration and Prototype
Perfect pair match
Find and Replace
   Plain Text Search / Object Search
   Lexical Search
   Regular Expression Search
   Mark Lines
Find in Files (GREP)
   Where modified occurrences
   GREP and Replace
From a #if, #ifdef to matching #else, #endif and vice-versa
Viewing undeclared object
Viewing unused object
Viewing unmatched braces
Viewing syntax errors
Outline Margin
8.   Rich Trees
Create a Rich Tree
The "Search in Tree" dialog
    The Enable Display card
    The Highlight Occurrences card
    The Object Search card
    The Advanced Search card
Attach information to tree nodes
    View parameters of functions
    View stack depth at each node
    File Names where Functions are defined
    Attach Comments to tree nodes
    Objects used by functions
Which functions use a category of objects
    View list of globals used by each function
    List of Structures used by each function
    Which members of a Structure are used by the functions
Single-click to go to the function-call
Which functions use a specific object
    Which functions use a specific global
    Which functions use a specific member of a specific structure variable
Advanced Search
    Go to next node that is from a specific file
    Go to the next node that uses a specific object
    Search for a string in tree-nodes
Highlight other Occurrences
    Highlight nodes that have the same function name as the current node
    Highlight nodes that are from the same file as the current node
  Highlight nodes that has the same object-name attached as the current node
View the DataFlow of the data object
Filtering the tree
    View only the nodes that have objects
    View nodes that are from a specific file
    Search ALL
    Show Whole Tree
9.   Data Flow
Create a DataFlow
    What does DataFlow show?
    DataFlow enables you to:
DataFlow of a local
DataFlow of a global
Dataflow of instances of a struct
    Dataflow of an instance of a struct
    Dataflow of all instances of a struct
Expand function-call in a DataFlow
    Collapse an expansion
View the code covered by miniature symbols
    Scroll highlighted code
Easily navigate to many functions in many files
View the CallStack
View the functionís full flowchart
    Go back to DataFlow
10.   Call Flow
Create a CallFlow
What do you get with the CallFlow
View the code covered by miniature symbols     Scroll highlighted code
CallFlow enables you to:
Expand function-calls in a CallFlow     Collapse an expansion
Easily navigate to many functions in many files
View the CallStack
View the functionís full flowchart     Go back to CallFlow
11.   Data Dependency Trees
Create a Data-Dependency Tree     Data-Dependency Tree of a global
    Data-Dependency Tree of a local     Data-Dependency Tree of a member
Expand the Data-Dependency tree     Expand the whole Tree
Navigating     Node Prefixes
The "Search in Tree" dialog     The Enable Display card
    The Highlight occurrences card     The Advanced Search card
Attach information to tree nodes     Objects used by functions
    View function names in which objects are used
    File Names where Objects are used
    Attach Comments to tree nodes
Search for a Object in the Data Dependency Tree
To view the occurrence of an object deep in the Tree
12.   Generating HTML Documentation
Generate HTML Documentation
    Open HTML Document
    Including Project Specific information
    Configuring the HTML Documentation Content
HTML Documentation provides
Contents of Crystal HTML Documents
HTML Documenter settings dialog
    Specifying the documentation folder
    Changing the documentation Title     Enable Code-metrics
    Attaching a logo to the documentation
    Include source code listing
    Include static-check reports
    Include function flowcharts     Include various types of trees
Browsing in HTML documentation
    Project Browse Tree     File Documentation
    Code Metrics     Cross Reference
    Static Check Report
Documentation Menus
13.   Static Checking
Static Checking Report for a Project
    Static Checking a File
    Which Static Checking standards are supported
Select the Rules to Check
The Static Check dialog
    Settings      Rule Type and Rules List
    General Settings     Output formats
Viewing the Report
Excluding known violations from being reported
    Suppressing violations for the whole file
    Suppressing violations for a given range
    Toadd a reason while suppressing a violation
Static Check Reports and HTML Documentation
Static Check Reports and Command Line mode
14.   Comment Trail
Software Change Report
Creating a Comment Trail Marker     Comment Trail Marker format
Inserting Comment Trail Markers
Viewing Comment Trail Marker Report
View a list of all Comment Trail Markers in the project
Deleting Comment Trail Markers
15.   State Transition Diagrams
State Machine in a flowchart
State Machines as a switch-case
    Expanding and collapsing a switch
Create a State Transition - process
    Enclose each state n a rectangular border
    Create a State Transition
    Change the routing of a State Transition
    Provide a comment to a State Transition
Modifying the comment in a State Transition
Display the State Transition with a desired detail level
To save the State Transition Diagram
16.   Edit Operations
Insert { } around single statements
Swap YES and NO parts of an if..else ,, statement
Change do while to while loop      Change while loop to do while loop
Rematch Braces      UnComment
Comment Out with /* */     Comment Out with //
Condition Out / Code out
Enclose in { }      Enclose in ( )
Delete a pair of { }. ( ), [ ], etc
Move Comments to right     
Shift a statement Up or Down
Select the whole function, a while loop, a whole case, etc
Multiple Clipboards
17.   Formatting for improved readability
Crystal C/C++ Formatter
Formatting files in Crystal C/C++
To modify Format settings
To apply the modified format setting
To disable automatic formatting
18.   Batch Operations
Batch Output of Flowcharts
Batch Output of Trees
Batch Printing Files
Batch Output Files, Flowcharts and Trees
19.   Miscellaneous Operations
Preprocessing a File
Code Metrics Reports
Publish Source Code
Compile a File
    Compile All
Running Batch Files
20.  Trouble Shooting
For Any Support
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