14. Comment Trail

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1. Software Change Report

The Comment Trail Marker report is the software change report.

All software changes under a single Change ID are grouped and tracked together.

2. Creating a Comment Trail Marker

-   Click Insert→Comment Trail Marker→New Comment Trail Marker and create one.

-   Click <Save> to save the created Comment Trail Marker.

3. Comment Trail Marker format

A typical comment trail marker looks as follows

    CTM: ListOverflow JohnD 11/24/2009: pointer increment was missing here ENDCTM

4. Inserting Comment Trail Markers

-   Click Insert→Comment Trail Marker→ListOverflow

    You can select any Comment Trail Marker of your choice.

5. Viewing Comment Trail Marker Report

-   Click Tools→Comment Trail Marker Report→ListOverflow to view the list of all comment trail markers under     the ID ListOverflow

-   The Comment Trail Marker report will be displayed in the output window in the Reports card..

6. View a list of all Comment Trail Markers in the project

In the Browse Window,

-   View the Prj Browse Card

-   Click and expand the node "Comment Trail Markers"

-   Click on a Comment Trail Marker to view itís report.

7. Deleting Comment Trail Markers

To remove occurrences of a Comment Trail Marker from the project

-   Click Tools→Remove Comment Trail Marker

Alternately, you can right click on a Comment Trail Marker in the Prj Browse window, or, use the <Remove> icon in the Report window.

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