12. Generating HTML Documentation

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1. Generate HTML Documentation

-   Click Project→Create HTML Document

-   In The HTML Documenter Settings Dialog, select the desired options.

-   Click < OK >

Crystal C/C++ will begin creating the HTML documentation for the current project.

When the documentation completes:

-   Click <OK> - the default document will be displayed in your browser.

      Open HTML Document

To Open the HTML documentation for the current project:

-   Click Project→Open HTML Document

      Including Project Specific information

To include project notes, comments, development history, on any specific project related content in the documentation:

-   Click Project→Open Notes - to open the project notes file .

-   Enter the content to be included as part of documentation in the project notes file and save it.

-   Now create the documentation.

      Configuring the HTML Documentation     Content

Use the HTML Documenter Settings Dialog to configure the contents of the HTML documentation.

2. HTML Documentation provides

-   Team-wide viewing of source code

-   Publish source code on internet and CD-ROM

-   Full source code browsing in the absence of an IDE.

      HTML Documents also provide

-   Comprehensive information - including flowcharts, trees, code-metrics, cross-reference, etc

-   Easy to browse, easy to comprehend, wide code coverage

-   Ideal platform to discuss designs with clients and global teams - without actually transferring source     code.

3. Contents of Crystal HTML Documents

-   File documentation

-   File Include-tree

-   Source code listing - beautified and syntax-highlighted.

-   Flowcharts for all-functions

-   Call-tree, caller-tree, etc

-   Code Metrics

-   Cross-reference

-   Static Check Documentation

4. HTML Documenter settings dialog

Configure the contents of the documents here.

      Specifying the documentation folder

-   Specify the path where the documentation is to be created in "Path for Documents".

      Changing the documentation Title

-   Enter the "Documentation Title" in the Report Title panel

      Attaching a logo to the documentation

-   Browse and choose the LOGO file for the documentation.

      Enable Code-metrics

Under the General section:

-   Check 'Enable Code Metrics' to include code metrics as part of documentation

      Include source code listing

In the Source Code Section:

-   Check 'Source Code Listing' - the formatted source code for each file will to be included in the     documentation.

      Include static-check reports

In the Static Check Section:

-   Select "Enable Static Checker" to static check each project file When selected, the 'MISRA C' static     checking report for the project will be part of the project.

      Include function flowcharts

In the Flowcharts section:

-   Check Enable Flowchart creation to include flowcharts for all project functions as part of the document.

-   Check - Thumbnails with Height and Width

-   Choose the type of the flowchart with the level of the detail.

      Include various types of trees

Use the Trees section to select the types of trees to be included as part of the HTML documentation. You can select from

5. Browsing in HTML documentation

The home page for each documentation set is "default.html". View the project summary here.

Then, click Project Overview→Browse Tree to view the Project tree. Use it to navigate in the documentation

      Project Browse Tree

-   Expand the nodes to of the tree,

      File Documentation

-   View a file’s individual documentation. Use

-   File Report Tree

-   Documentation

-   Source Code Listing

      Code Metrics

The HTML documentation contains the following Volume Metrics:

-   Project Metrics

-   File Metrics

-   Function Metrics

You can also view the following Complexity Metrics:

-   Halstead's Complexity Metrics

-   McCabe's Complexity Metrics

      Cross Reference

View the list of all globals in the project, along with where the object has been defined and used.

      Static Check Report

View the static check report - on a per file or a per rule basis.

6. Documentation Menus

Please view the Help contents. ( Html Documentation→Menus... )

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