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Between Version 3.85 and 3.91
  New feature - Introduced Global bookmarks to visit across files.
  New feature - Added print-preview in Graphs.
  New feature - Introduced Class Hierarchy and Function Hierarchy in HTML Documentation.
     The HTML documentation was also optimized and fine-tuned in some categories.
  Improvement - in tree searching.
  Overall optimizations, improvements, and bug-fixes across the product.

Version 3.85
  New feature - introduced tool-tips on identifiers - identifier types are provided as tool tips when
     the mouse pointer hovers over identifiers.
  New feature - introduced tool-tips in all tree flavors - the path from the root to the node on which
     the cursor is hovering is presented as the tool-tip.
  Improvement - in trees, when viewing nodes ordered by occurrence, provided an option to show/hide
     multiple occurrences of the same node at any level.
  Bug-fixes in MISRA C Static Checking. Error Reports for the following rules were improved:
    Rule 5.3 - uniqueness of typedef names - is being checked only across active code.
    Rule 8.4 - is not being checked for code which is conditionally inactive.
    Rule 10.1 - macro calls are now being correctly analyzed while calculating the underlying types.
    Rule 10.6 - Numeric constants used as array indices may not necessarily be followed by a "U".
    Rule 12.2 - the underlying problem has been fixed.
    Rule 13.6 - variables used for iteration counting as array indices in a for loop are not being reported.
    Rule 13.7 - invariant expression calculation rules have been refined.
    Rule 14.3 - now macro expansions are also being accounted for while finding this violation.
  Overall optimizations, improvements, fine tuning and bug-fixes.

Version 3.83
  Support for preprocessor statements within entities added. Now cases like the
     following will be handled correctly:

  #define   SIZE	 3
  #define   SIZE	 2

  const func_ptr_void handlers[SIZE]=
  if( var ==
  New feature - introduced the facility to specify the formatting scheme in a source file. Files will be
     formatted as per the scheme if specified in a source file.
  New feature - introduced new control windows in File Outline and Function Outline for better
     navigation and to show details of the selected area
  Improvement - In HTML Documentation, structures/classes defined in local scope are also
     included in the documentation.
  Improvement - In HTML Documentation, recognizing and presenting the source code Title Comment format.
  Improvement - In Rich Trees added the facility to Show the Paths for a file.
  Improvement - In Rich Trees provided the associated comment for a function call at each node
  Improvement - In a Call/Caller tree, now you can go to a function call by a single click on a node
  New Option - To suppress the system settings for smooth Font Edges
  Bug fix - Cursor pad positions corrected in the Tree windows
  Improvements, bug-fixes and optimization as and when required

Version 3.80
  Introduced asm code markers - to identify and disable processing of assembly code
  Introduced markers to suppress code formatting
  Synchronization of DataFlows and CallFlows from source file
  General Optimizations, improvements, fine-tuning and bug-fixes

Version 3.75
  Rich Call and Caller Trees introduced
    Get an overall logical view of an object
    Search Objects and view results in Function Call/Caller hierarchies
    Attach file names along with function names
    Attach function meanings with function names
    Attach function parameter information with function names
    View call-paths for searched objects
    Create DataFlows and CallFlows from the current tree view
    Enhanced search mechanism including partial string search in Call/Caller trees
  Version 3.75 also includes:
    Option to suppress inactive content in html documentation
    Bug-fix - Handling windows CALLBACK functions in call and caller trees
    Bug-fix - "Where modifed occurrences" that were being missed when formatting was disabled
    Bug-fix - Handling comment patterns in flowcharts
    Bug-fix - Flowchart with comments - start symbol now shows only function name and associated comment
    General optimizations, improvements, fine-tuning and bug-fixes

Between version 3.62 and version 3.70
  Project File trees and Project Include-by trees
  Improvement - Structs/Unions used in Function properties - added a few more rules
  Improvement - { } not preceded by any control header is also treated as a level in flowcharts
  Improvement - Formed new rules while collecting comments in flowcharts
  Bug-fix - Flowchart text for multiple cases when those cases are part of a macro-expansion
  Bug-fix - Improved the rules for title comment collection in documentation
  Bug-fix - DataFlows for old-style function headers are now proper
  Bug-fix - Sizing problem with minimized Flowchart and minimized Trees
  Bug-fix - Displaying comments for structure/class members in documentation

Version 3.62
  New feature - Fully Expanded or Comment Level flowcharts included in documentation and batch processing
  Comments for structure/union members and global variables are now being included in the Documentation
  Bug-fix - Batch Process for Flow - Professional Edition included
  Improved - DataFlows and CallFlows icons
  Bug-fix - in DataFlows and CallFlows
  Bug-fixes in MISRA C Static Checking. Error Reports for the following rules were improved:
    Rule 6.2 - ordering of adding values - not relevant while reporting problems
    Rule 10.1 - complaining about conversion type between enumerations
    Rule 10.6 - in case of case statements and for( ; ; ) expressions
    Rule 11.2 - complaining about pointer conversion even though not a conversion
    Rule 13.5 - cases like "i = i + 1;" will not get reported now
    Rule 13.6 - complaining about loop control variable being modified in for( ) loop body
    Rule 13.7 - complaining about an if condition having an invariant result
  General optimizations, improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.60
  DataFlows for Objects
    Flowchart for all Data Objects - locals, globals, etc
    View all statements that use or modify an object; also view the conditions under which the objects are used or modified.
    Extending to multiple functions
    Mapping Function Arguments and Function Parameters
    Expand functions inline
  CallFlows for Functions
    All function call flowchart with the Control Flow graph
    Examine the various paths possible in a Function
    Examine the Function Calls that are present in those paths
    Dig deeper by expanding the Function Calls
    Provides information not available in a call tree or any other means of analysis
  Expand Calls in Flowcharts
    Create a Detailed Code Only or Code & Comment Flowchart
    Click on any function call and expand that function inline
    Go as many levels deep to get an overview of a number of functions quickly
    Also, create a high-level Code or Code and Comment Flowchart; Click on Function Calls and dig deeper
  Flowcharts for Whole Projects
    Start with main( ) and create the flowchart for the whole project
    Create the flowchart for all High Level Functions in the Project
  For a detailed comparison, view Products Comparison
  Version 3.60 also includes:
    Enhanced Pointer to Function Handling - now you can map Pointer to Functions across multiple functions and function arguments.
    Track objects that have been modified across functions tool
    New option - to Maintain Comments as you have entered in the source code
    Bug-fix - for the following situation, flowchart was not being created
    #define     abc     1
    void test_Fun( void )
        unsigned char i;
               x = i+10;
        #if( abc == 1 )
               while( i < 10 );
( i < 5 );
    Bug-fix - Aligning trailing comments while formatting files
    Bug-fix - Formatting Problems for Macro Calls followed by ' ; '
    Bug-fix - Problem with Function Links in Documentation - Metrics has been fixed
    Bug-fix - Relating to MISRA Rule 2.4 violation
    Improvements, optimizations and bug fixes across product areas

Version 3.08
  Version 3.08 onwards, Crystal C/C++ is Windows VISTA compatible
  New feature - full-fledged source code browsing in HTML documentation
  New feature - full-fledged Source Code Publisher included
  New feature - adding the ability to hide undefined and inactive nodes in Trees
  Improved interface for New File handling
  Import/Export color schemes for carrying settings to other projects
  Improved support for wide monitors like 1280x800 pixel resolution
  Improved Tree Node Searching
  Improved presentation in Project and File Reports
  Bug-fix - comment formatting issues reported by Crystal C/C++ users
  Bug-fix - presenting file names in alphabetical order in Project Reports
  Bug-fix - additional cases for function pointer handling in call-trees added
  Bug-fix - Japanese Kana character handling and other code page languages
  Bug-fix - Refreshing information in Source Code Control Information
  Bug fix - handling the case
     typedef volatile union union_name
         .   .  .
     } VolatileUnion;
  Bug-fix - static check rule 2.4 - improvements in handling particular cases
  General improvements and optimizations across various product areas

Version 3.0
  New feature - Full Fledged UNICODE (non-english characters) Support
  New tree style options menu
  Support for True Colors
  New feature - support for various color schemes.
  New feature - Unused Objects and Functions reports.
  New feature - more formatting options have been included in this version
  New feature - Batch Output of Trees and Graphs - Exporting as images
  Improvement in the Signature Report
  Bug fix - tool-tips for floating window toolbars are displayed consistently now.
  Bug fix - number of files that can be opened simultaneously when working at high resolution.
  Bug fix - in static check rule 16.7.

Version 2.90
  New feature - Unix-new line character support during file-save.
  New feature - Support for the Tasking Compiler
  Improvement - In the compiler output quality
  Improvement - Call-trees for pointer to functions and library functions
  Bug-fix - tool-tip handling for flowcharts and graph windows
  Bug-fix - static-checker output handling in list form.
  Optimizations - for Project Call Tree generation in case of recursive trees.
  Bug fix - several fixes in the project HTML Documentation Creation and dependant areas.
  Bug fix - type information for nodes in various trees is now being displayed consistently.

Version 2.75
  New feature - Conditional Compilation Directives - area outline
  New feature - In call trees, showing all occurrences of functions when functions are displayed in order of occurrence
  New feature - Preprocessed output of a file - i.e. the ability to fully expand a reference to a preprocessor macro.
  New feature - ability to show the dummy header file in file trees.
  New feature - the support for the IAR compiler has been added.
  Provide the support for Automatic Update Intimation request even on machines not connected to a network.
  Naming conventions for the various metrics being provided across the project have been made consistent.
  Bug fix - in static checking - rule 19.11 - #ifdef, #ifndef are being tested logically now and then the violation is being reported.
  Bug fix - type information on call/caller tree nodes - even on functions not part of the project.
  Bug fix - show definition from function properties is now working properly.
  Bug fix - All calls not being shown in call trees in specific cases.
  Bug fix - contents of the folders panel are not modified when the Grep mode is changed.
  Bug fix - language extension " interrupt " now being interpreted.
  Bug fix - items in Call Tree being corrected and added - even from Syntactically Incorrect sentences.

Version 2.65
  Included the logic to create files and folders based on heuristics during the batch output of
     flowcharts as images and Visio files.
  Project Report in the Browser Window is now displayed sorted alphabetically.
  Bug fix - related to opening the Project Dummy Header File.

Version 2.60
  New feature - Batch output of Flowcharts - Printing, Export as images and Export to Visio.
  New feature - Color Coded Metrics in Html Reports - based on the low, medium and high limits.
  An option to display all cases in a flowchart was added. Now the user has the option of displaying
     the first case only from a block of case statements or all cases in that block - in a flowchart.
  Bug fix - during the expansion of a preprocessed macro.
  Bug fix - (C++ specific) now most of the standard template library functions will be identified correctly.

Version 2.53
  New feature - File Include By Tree for a file.
  New feature - to generate a report of Unused functions in a project or a file.
  New feature - added new metrics to show
    Direct and Indirect Recursiveness of functions
    Height of a Function Call Tree
    Weight of a Function Call Tree
  Provided the support for FlexLM user list display for combined-licenses.
  Defined operations for extra-buttons of the advanced mouse.
  Bug fix - pair highlighting after scrolling is proper now.
  Bug fix - in grep/replace string highlighting.
  Bug fix - preprocessor defines during project import for single configuration.
  Bug fix - related to closing modified read-only network files.
  Bug fix - in Project Call Trees.
  Bug fix - File Format Option customization
  Optimizations, bug fixes and overall improvements in the products.

Crystal C Version 2.50
  A complete range of options for customizing the formatting of a C/C++ file has been introduced. Options include the ability to
    control spaces and lines between various lexical units in the file.
  New feature - Ability to learn and adapt user preferred C/C++ file formats has been introduced. Now,you can specify a file
     from which you want the format settings of a file to be learnt.
  New feature - providing the ability to export/import file format settings has been introduced. Now you can easily maintain
     enterprise level/project level/team level formatting standards.
  New feature - disabling the formatting for the whole file.
  New feature - over-riding the format settings of a project in specific file(s).
  Bug fix - In versions running on Window NT, pop-menu hot keys now work correctly.
  Detecting New Crystal C/C++ versions and prompting for updates
  Home Key - improved the interpretation and functionality by introducing a unique 3 point navigation.
  Introduced the option of token wise movement on Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right key. You can now toggle between token-wise
    and identifier-wise cursor movement.
  Introduced the option of switching virtual spaces ON/OFF for cursor movement.
  In files containing tab-positions, now the cursor will move by the specified tab-size.
  The default color for Inactive lines has been changed for better visibility.
  The number of characters restriction for preprocessor directives edit-box in the Options Menu has been removed.
  Bug-fix - in multiple line lexical search and GREP replace.
  Bug fix - while working with extremely large files.
  New feature allowing a detailed and extensive check while checking compliance to MISRA standards.
  Ability to interpret "interrupt[ numeric const ]" in the return type of a function.
  Ability to interpret statements like "PORTB.3 = 0;" has been added.

Crystal C++ Version 2.30
  New options for customizing C/C++ file formatting have been included.
  Bug-fixes when handling large projects.
  Optimizations,bug fixes and overall improvements in the products.

Version 2.25
  Critical bug fixes relating to file opening,project browseing,etc.
  On popular demend,hot key for copy word - Ctrl W has been introduced.
  Bug fix - while displaying the type information on a file-call-tree node.
  Bug fix - while printing the contents of the output window,the text was being clipped.
  Bug fix - while recovering after a crash,the complete set of files in which the bugs had been seen is being displayed.

Version 2.20
  New feature - ability to select and print a batch of files that are part of a project.
  New feature - ability to add files to a project from a user defined file.
  New feature - Borland Developer Studio 2006 project import.
  New feature - ability to export the contents of the output window to a file.
  New feature - ability to print a flowchart on a single page.
  New feature - detecting the list of Crystal C/C++ users across a network,in case of floating licenses.
  Static Checking - MISRA C - 1998 support has been added,along with support for rules that had been rescinded in MISRA C-2004.
  Window Docking - ability to dock windows has been made on demand.
  Bug fix - in Static Checking - user reported bugs have been fixed.
  Bug fix - file-type edit panel contents in the option menu.
  Bug fix - when files are added to the Other Files tab in Project Management.
  Improvement - in pointer to function support in call trees.
  Improvement - added the links for structure names to source code in HTML documentation.
  Bug fix - in Project Call tree where functions were not being added to the tree correctly.
  General improvements and bug fixes across all major areas.

Version 2.12
  "Other" card added in Project Management menu to list non C/C++ files that are in the project.

Between Version 2.04 And 2.10
  The Docs edition is now available for the C++ products:
     Crystal FLOW for C++ and Crystal REVS for C++.
  Optimizations related to standard include paths and Project Refresh.
     Including special optimization for files being accessed from networked drives.
  Bug related to "Reparse All" was fixed in Crystal C++.
  Improved syntax checking when preprocessor conditional directives are embedded within a declaration or statement.
  Static checking - Select/deselect rules that should be applied.
  Bug fix - wrong line number in case of Rule 19.7.

  New formatting options for the following cases:
    When an if(...), for(...) etc. is followed by a null statement ";" allow both to be formatted on the same line.
    When an "else" is followed by if(...) allow both to be formatted on the same line.

  When a search results in a match, the matched text will be selected instead of only highlighting.
  Fixed user reported problems in Search, Grep, Line#.
  Bug fix in displaying Type Information of a Node in call-tree, caller-tree.
  Link to Quick Reference pdf documents.
  Retain flowchart window size when he application window is minimized then maximized again.

Version 2.03
  Added "Open With..." dialog in Crystal FLOW.
  By default, Line Numbers are displayed in the left margin.
  Correction in Function Properties - distinguishing Undeclared Functions.
  Title comment names - set globally, instead of project basis.
  Remember Browser Window tabs-status and output window status from the last session.
  Reparse All will also reparse the standard header files too.

Version 2.0
  MISRA C based Static Checking [ in Rules Edition and Professional Edition of Crystal REVS for C ].

  Comprehensive HTML Documentation
    Contains Flowcharts of All functions, call-trees, caller-trees, Project Trees, Files Trees, and Source Listing, etc.
   [in Docs Edition of Crystal FLOW for C and Docs Edition and Professional Edition of Crystal REVS for C ].

  State-Transition Diagrams from switch-case and other constructs
     [ in the Rules Edition,Docs Edition and Professional Edition of Crystal REVS for C ].
  Extract a project based on function call relationships from a large pool of files from many folders.
  The operation "Reparse All" - will now reparse all files in the project as well as the files
     that are #included from the Include-Path-Sequence.
  The Missing Include Files report now lists all #included files in the project that could not be found
     instead of files that could not be found in just the last parse-operation.
  Improved support for European keyboards.
  Type Information on right click for the current node function in Tree Window.
  Fixed a bug in Project Call Tree in which some recursive functions were not being treated as Root Nodes.
  Now you can print the contents of Browse Window such as Project Files,
     Project Browse, Project Report, File Report, File Outline, Function/Area Properties, Function Outline etc.
  Exporting all Browse Window Panes as text files.
  Printing contents of the Output Window.
  Support for Cosmic Compiler (for ST7 and others).
  Full Support for Keil extensions including the "using" keyword, etc.
  Support for "$" in identifier names.
  Fixed a bug where a redundant semicolon after a macro call was being placed separately on the next line.
  Keep unchanged the indentation of comments that describe the next few lines of code.
  Improved formatting of Initializers and their comments.

New Professional version launched!
What Professional version has
  A new look HTML documentation
    Now you can customize the look & feel of the documents generated.
    Highly flexible setting options.
    Can embed flowcharts, trees and graphs in the final documents.
    A comprehensive index on all kinds of documentatble identifiers for seamless browsing.

  Static-check as per MISRA standards
    About 100 rules are supported.
    Report is presented in tree view.
    The levels of the tree based on file, rules and line-numbers.
    Customize the view of the generated report.

  Support for State-Diagrams in flowcharts
     You can mark states in the flowcharts.
     Mark transitions.
     Logical level marking of states like, mark all case-blocks as states etc.
     The state boaundaries and transitions can be made persistent by putting markers in the comment-field of the source code.
     Collapse/Expand at the state level.

Between version 1.72 and 1.75
  Added Clear option to the output window.
  Fixed some problems in conditional inclusion of code.
  Added Show Line Numbers in the Tools Pull Down Menu.
  Introduced separate Page Setup for flowcharts.
  Fixes in several areas.
  In the flowchart pull down menus, added
    an option to include suspected declarations in the flowchart.
    an option to include all declarations in the flowchart.

Between version 1.42 and 1.72
  New and improved interface for all file open like menus.
  Supporting the Keil C51 language extensions.
  Nested Comment Support.
  Integrating the Keil C51 compiler support with Crystal C/C++.
  New and improved interface for the Project Management Menu.
  Removed the distinction between Parse and Browse information in Project Management.
  Combined Visio Export and JPEG/BMP exports in Flowcharts into single menu.
  Fixed Printing related problems in Flowchart and file printing.
  Mapping the Windows Application key to Right click menu.
  Addition of Structures/Unions, etc in Function Properties.
  Ability to run a batch file from within Crystal C/C++.
  Integrated Flowchart Zoom in/Zoom Out - WYSIWYG.
  Any font and font size selection in flowcharts.
  Multiple line thicknesses in Flowcharts - display as well as print.
  More options in flowcharts - include/exclude declarations and suspected declarations.
  Extending Project Import support for Visual Studio.Net and Whidby ( VC 7.0 and VC 8.0).
  More Title Comment Templates with Better interface for the same.
  Fixes in finding included files from sub-folders in Crystal C/C++.
  Ability to view Missing Include Files.
  Recording Error files in Project.
  Improved file conversion time (in Crystal C only).
  Fixes related to Send Mail command during activation, extension, etc.
  Wise Installations and several improvements in the setup process.
  Fixes in several areas.

Between version 1.32 and 1.42
  File Print Scaling.
  Fixes in File Printing, File Print Preview, etc.
  File Printing in Black and White mode only.
  Flowchart Print Preview including Flowchart print-preview in multiple panes.
  Visio Exports for Flowcharts.
  Flowcharts Symbol association customization for function calls.
  FlexLM licensing Integration.
  File Call Tree.
  Handling asm code withing pragma "asm" and "endasm".
  Improved considerations for Old Style Function Headers in Crystal C.
  Flowcharts with leading comments, title comments, etc.
  Flowcharts of Code with Comments.
  Modal Search Dialog.
  New and Improved Installation.
  Finnish Keyboad Support.
  Support for MetroWerks Code Warrior - including DDE support and Watcom Compilers,
  including customizing various compiler switches.
  Fixes in various areas - including fixing the arrows problem in Caller Graphs, Grep output pad problem during GREP Replace,
  Send Key command during activation, etc.
  Improved Product support with Online Demos and better documentation.
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