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Crystal FLOW
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Understand code in less time with Crystal C/C++
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I work in the UK and have been using Crystal FLOW to understand source code sent from San Diego. It is proving very useful to determine program flow in functions. You have a great product!
- C. Haynes, Farnborough

Crystal FLOW

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Code-Review / Familiarize / Verify Correctness - PDF

Crystal FLOW is extremely valuable for familiarizing with or reviewing C/C++ source code. It provides:
  Flowcharts from Source Code
  Rich Trees for easier code-analysis
  DataFlow across the project
  CallFlow across the project
  Data Dependency Tree to view computation sequences
  Comprehensive HTML documentation
  Software metrics including McCabes and Halstead complexity
  Source Code Publishing
  Batch Printing and Image Generation
  Code formatting for improved readability
  Project-Overview, Premium Browsing and Navigation

Crystal FLOW - Base Edition Understand Code in Less Time
  Source Code to Flowchart with one click
  Get a clear view of the code with Flowcharts
  Inherited legacy code? A new member of the programming team? You will be up to speed in significantly less time
  Verify correctness of function logic. Detect errors
  Use Flowcharts to review and refactor code
  Use Flowcharts for faster Code reviews
  Comment-based flowcharts for a wider audience
  Export flowcharts as .bmp or .jpg files
  Export flowcharts to Visio
  Reading a 50-line function or a 500-line function?

Crystal FLOW - Base Edition The Code is Easy-to-read

  Automatic-Formatting of Code and Comments

  More than just indenting and line wrapping
  Line up object-names in successive declarations
  Line up assignment operators in assignments
  Split and indent long expressionsas per operator precedence and a lot more . . .
  Transform hard-to-read code into very readable code
  Improved code readability saves time
  C code review helps you detect errors easily
  View the flowchart first. You will save time

Crystal FLOW - Base Edition Project-Overview, Browse and Navigate

  Project Browse,
  File-by-file overview
  Call-tree, Caller-tree etc.
  Sequence of type-declarations
  Object reference
  Where-modified" references
  Find in Files etc.
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