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Feature: Interactive Flowcharts - PDF

  Crystal FLOW automatically displays flowcharts from source code. Its unique combination of condensed view and
  detailed view makes it a very effective tool

  The condensed view shows the graphical view of the whole function - not just a part of it. One look and you have a feel for
  the whole function. You can navigate and understand the detailed view much faster than reading code

  Every day you work with thousands of lines of code. Yet the only way you review code is - line by line.
    Working without flowcharts is like working with one eye shut … It can be done.
    But with both eyes, you have a wider view and better depth perception.
    The flowchart is an alternative form of a function's code.
    It shows the whole view and branching and nesting of various parts - these are difficult to see from
line-by-line code.
    Flowcharts & Line-by-line code - you need both.
  A flowchart's graphical view is much easier to absorb and understand. It saves time.

  A flowchart adds a new dimension to how you view the code
    It helps you ask "What if … " - questions that lead to a better design.
    A flowchart is a natural tool for design discussion with other team members. The team's productivity goes up.

  Automatic creation of Flowcharts from C and C++ code and pseudocode
    Create flowcharts of functions of any size.
    Any code that is ignored due to #if, #ifdef etc., is omitted from the flowchart,

  Condensed View and Detailed View - easy to navigate and understand
    Real code is displayed in each flowchart symbol in the detailed view; you do not have to go back and forth between
the file-window and the flowchart.
    With a click on a flowchart symbol, you can view the type-information of the objects in it.
    You can highlight all paths that can reach a given point in the function

  View Flowchart and Code side by side
    Click on a flowchart symbol to highlight the corresponding code in the file-window and vice versa.

  Crystal FLOW creates optimal-level flowcharts
    It hides inner nest levels so that the flowchart stays simple and easy to understand.
    You can expand the inner levels to view the full detail.
    You can collapse any nested part of the flowchart
    You can create a separate sub-flowchart of a loop or switch from the function.

  You can change the level
    Create Level 1, Level 2, .. or Level n flowchart as per your preference.

  You can divide-and-conquer functions that are hundreds of lines in length
    First view the top-level flowchart and then view the flowcharts of its major blocks. You will save a large amount of time.

  Comment-based flowcharts
    A comment-based flowchart is similar to a code-flowchart.
    If a comment is present, the flowchart symbol displays the comment instead of the corresponding code.
    Comment flowcharts are easily understood by hardware, systems, and test engineers.
    You can obtain valuable input on design and test issues related to your software.

  Go to a function that is called in the current flowchart symbol

  Object Search - Highlight all symbols in which the object is used.

  Highlight a loop, switch or an if-else. Highlight a path.

  Customize colors and fonts

  Export Flowcharts as .bmp or .jpg files

  Export Flowcharts to Visio

  Print flowcharts

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