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Understand code in less time with Crystal C/C++
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Why Crystal REVS

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With Crystal REVS :
   You can save more than 1 hour everyday      
   You can achieve better software quality
   Your software documentation will have better quality and content
   Your software maintenance will be easier and cost less
If you lose time every day, can you be competitive in the global market place?
Making design changes? Inherited legacy code? Performing a code review? Generating documentation? You need Crystal REVS.
  Understand a function in less time
  Divide-and-conquer very long functions
  Reduce bugs
  Make team discussions focused and more productive
  Check for correctness, Improve the design
  Create quality documents
  Do you need to see the call-sequence from root to the current node?
  Do you need to see all the possible call-sequences from root to the current function:
  Understand project code
  How do you find the call-hierarchy among all the functions in a given file?
  Make a fast attack on main( ) or other high-level functions
  Dig deeper by expanding function-calls
         Export or print a CallFlow
  Rich Trees
  Which functions in the tree use a particular global variable?
  View filenames where each function is defined
  See what structures/classes are used by each function in the tree
  See how much stack-depth is used by each function-call
  View how a structure member is used by various functions !
  How an argument is used in called functions ?
  DataFlow - the flowchart of an object
  Export or print a DataFlow
  HTML Documentation
  Comprehensive documentation including flowcharts, call-trees etc.
  Code metrics - identify high complexity areas; improve software quality
  Static analysis report, Compliance with MISRA C
  Easy to browse, Wide coverage, reduce time spent on code reviews
  Change Documentation
  Do you need to generate change documentation?
  The Code is Easy-to-Read
  Static Checking
  Check conformance of Code to the MISRA C Standard
  Tokens Panel
  Why spend time in low-level editing? Why remember identifier names?
  Comments Panel
  Use Crystal REVS to add comments to the code:
  Comments code save time at every stage of the product life cycle:
  Why struggle with code without comments?
  Truly a Software Engineer?s Editor
Identify the recursive functions in a project
Find unused functions and unused variables
View all #if, #else, #endif etc, in the current file
View the size of memory needed by each struct or union
View the sequence of if, while, case, etc. that need to be true - to reach the current statement
Revisit functions you worked on in the previous or current sessions.
Use the file-outline to rapidly familiarize and navigate within a file
  Batch Processes
  Want flowcharts of all functions to be created?
  Export or Print all Trees
         Print all Project Files
  Command line add-on
  Want to run Crystal REVS as part of an overnight run?
Product definition, design specification, User interaction, Software quality and performance considerations - You have a unique set of strengths...
When you complete the C/C++ task in less time, your strengths are visible.
When you take longer, you look like an average engineer.
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