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I love the software. It allowed me to decipher a program of 46,000 lines of spaghetti C code across 63 files. Your code-formatting is by far the best I have seen.
- P.Hart, Los-Angeles

Call Flow

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In everyday situations such as:   Understand a function, go deeper to called-functions   when you inherit legacy code  
    team discussion to solve a problem   generate documentation  
    review the logic partitioning in a function   before and during a Code review  
    Want to make a fast attack on a function   restructure existing code  
  You often need to review a function and the functions that are called by it
        and keep going deeper...
  CallFlow will greatly simplify your task.                                    
In CallFlow of a function, you can
    --    view the function-calls and the control flow of the function
    --    examine the various paths of execution that are possible
           within that function...
           and the function-calls that are present in those paths
    --    dig deeper by expanding the function-calls
CallFlow provides information that is not available in a call-tree or other means of analysis.
      Start with a high-level function and go a few levels deep.
      You can quickly get an overview of many functions.
      Export a CallFlow to say HTML when you need to analyze,
  discuss or document a set of related functions - all in a
  single interconnected CallFlow.
      No need to generate multiple documents, then trying to figure
  out how they are connected.
      CallFlow helps you visualize the various sequences of
  function-calls that will result when different paths through the
  control-flow are taken.
      It helps you check :
Is the function-call sequence correct?
Are the arguments being set up correctly?
Will error-checking take place in each path?
      A function accomplishes its task by
          delegating certain parts of the task via function-calls and
          performing the rest of the task within the function's logic
      CallFlow shows what has been delegated and what is
  performed by the function itself.
      Thus it helps you review the partitioning of the task among
  various functions. It helps you achieve a good design.
    CallFlow... for better software in less time!...
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