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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) Support
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User Tips and FAQs will be added to this page on a regular basis. Please visit this page frequently.

Crystal C/C++ provides support for several Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). If you use any of the supported IDEs,
you can directly import your C/C++ projects to Crystal C/C++ projects.

Crystal C/C++ will add all the source and header files in the source project, learn the include-path folders, and, the also learn
the compiler macros.

When you make any changes to the source projects, Crystal C/C++ will also synchronize and update those changes
in the corresponding Crystal C/C++ project files.

The Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) supported by Crystal C/C++ currently are:
  Microsoft Visual C++
  Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
  Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
  Borland C++
  Cross Studio
  C++ Builder
  Cosmic Cx6805
  Eclipse CDT
  Keil μ Vision 4
  Keil C51
  Renesas for SuperH family
  Watcom C/C++

If the IDE you use is not in the list above, please write to us at and provide us with the
details of your IDE along with a sample project file.
We will be happy to service your request and incorporate the support at the earliest.

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