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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Browse Window

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User Tips and FAQs will be added to this page on a regular basis. Please visit this page frequently.

Prj Files, Prj Browse, and Prj Report - Browse data must be available for Prj Browse and Prj Report
These panes can be used only when a project is open.

Prj Files - Useful for opening project source files, header files and the dummy-header file.
  Click on '+' to expand a node
  Right click on the root node to add files to the project, add a folder in the include path sequence
  Double-click on a filename to open the file
  Right click on a filename to create a file tree, view properties, etc.

Prj Browse - to view the complete list of functions, structures, #defined constants etc..
  Click on '+' to expand a node
  Double-click on a node to go to its definition
  Right-click on a node to view its type-information, create flowchart, call-tree, caller-tree etc.

Prj Report - to view a filewise Report of the whole Project.
  View the list of Files included in the file, Functions defined, Globals, Structures and Unions, #defines, Root Functions, Typedefs.
  Click on '+' to expand a node, right click on a node, double-click on a node

Switch To - go to a recently visited function or switch to currently open Window.
Double-click on a node

Outline - View the list of functions defined, globals used, include file areas, #define areas etc.
Double-click on a node

File Report - View a comprehensive summary of the file in the currently active window.

Double-click on a node

FlowChart - This pane can be used only if a flowchart has been created.
  It displays a condensed view of Flowchart and thus the overall logic of function.
  Zoom IN and Zoom Out by using the corresponding toolbar.
  When you create a flowchart, the flowchart pane becomes active.

While viewing the flowchart, you can switch to another pane. However, as soon as the detailed flowchart becomes active, the flowchart pane will become active too.

Fn Outline - View a skeletal outline of current function.

Good for navigating when viewing or editing a large function

Fn Properties - View the list of callers and callees of the current function, variables and constants used in the function.
  Double-click on a node
  Click on '+' to expand a node
  Fn Properties and Fn Outline panes are empty when you are outside a Function.
  If you switch to a header file when these panes are active, the panes may become blank.
  If you are not inside a function, you cannot switch to these panes.

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