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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Header Files
Home Tips & FAQ Header Files

User Tips and FAQs will be added to this page on a regular basis. Please visit this page frequently.

Crystal C/C++ recogizes both user as well as standard include files
  #include <file_name_a>
  #include "file_name_b"

You can specify as many paths as you want for Crystal C/C++ to search for, when it encounters a #include preprocessor line.
  Use the 'Specify #include-path' option to indicate your include-path preferences
  Use the Tools or Project pull-down menu to reach the this option

How to determine whether Crystal FLOW has found all the header files that are #included in the current .c file 15th Mar 2005

  With the current .c file's window active, click "File tree" icon in the toolbar.
  In the Tree window right-click and click Expand Full.
  Again right-click and click Highlight Missing File Nodes. Missing header filenames are highlighted in red color.
  Click "Highlighted Node Down" icon in the toolbar of the Tree window.

You can do other operations, e.g. double-click on a node to open the corresponding header file.

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