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Understand code in less time with Crystal C/C++
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I love the software. It allowed me to decipher a program of 46,000 lines of spaghetti C code across 63 files. Your code-formatting is by far the best I have seen.
- P.Hart, Los-Angeles

Data Flow

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In everyday situations such as:   while making a Design change   debugging a problem  
    doing a Code review   cleaning-up existing code  
    inherited legacy code      
  you often need to examine how a data object is used in the code
    DataFlow will make your task very simple.
A DataFlow shows how a given data object is used in the project.
For example, you can see:
   how a global variable is used in various functions in the project
Given a struct s1,
   how are all instances of struct s1 used in the whole project?
   how is a member "m1" of struct s1 used in whole project?
   How is a #define, say "TASK_END" used in the project?
    -    the DataFlow's graphical view is easy to understand
and easy to remember
   DataFlow tracks the variable even when:
- it is passed as a parameter in a function-call
and it has a different name in the called function
- the variable is used via a macro-call
   Easy navigation - with a click, you can go to the
corresponding source code in various files
  DataFlow a clear understanding of data use...
you avoid making mistakes
and you can catch errors early.
     DataFlow... for better software in less time!.
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