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I love the software. It allowed me to decipher a program of 46,000 lines of spaghetti C code across 63 files. Your code-formatting is by far the best I have seen.
- P.Hart, Los-Angeles

Rich Trees

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In a call-tree or caller-tree, would you like to see
    what files the functions are defined in?   the list of parameters required by each function?
    which functions use a particular global variable?   what structure variables are used by each function?
    which functions use global variables?   what functions use members of a particular structure?
    why is a function-called here?    
    With Rich Trees, you have a clear view of how the project is broken down into functions,
              the files they are defined in, the parameters they need, the globals and structures they use, etc.
      Now you can analyze and review:
   Looking at the function parameters:
     Is the handshake between functions designed well?
   Identify the functions that use a particular global variable.
     Do they use the global in a disciplined manner?
   Identify the functions that use a particular structure and
     the specific members of the structure they use.
   Looking at the comments associated with the nodes in the
     Why is the function called here? Is the task partitioned
     and sequenced properly among the called functions?
-- Single click takes you to the function-call in the code
-- Double-click takes you to the function definition.
-- If you have inherited legacy code, you can rapidly familiarize
with the hierarchy of functions, the data objects they use etc.
-- If you are making a design change, you can use the Rich Tree
to review the hierarchy of functions, the data they use etc, and
ensure high quality in your design changes.
-- If you are doing a code review, Rich Trees provide a high level
view of the code organization and help you dig deeper
 Rich Trees for high quality software in less time!
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