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MISRA C Static Checking

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Crystal C/C++ conforms to MISRA-C:2004
MISRA C Static Checking

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Good Programming Practices


Are these major concerns for your organization?

Do you know that use of the features of the C language can lead to insecurities that are not acceptable in mission-critical systems.

Do you use 'C' as the programming language for mission-critical components?

Do you realize how these insecurities arise in the C language?

    Programmer errors
    Programmer misunderstands the language
    The compiler does not do what the programmer expects.
    The compiler contains errors
    Run-time errors


The MISRA-C programming standard was defined by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) in 1998.

This consists of a set of rules to improve the safety of programs written in C.

MISRA is a consortium of major car manufacturers in the UK and MISRA-C is fast gaining acceptance as the C programming standard in the automobile industry.

The C programming language is growing in importance with the use for real-time embedded applications within the automotive industry. This is largely due to the inherent language flexibility, the extent of support and its potential for portability across a wide range of hardware.

It is also being seen as a solution in other mission-critical industries such as defence, aviation, railways and medical electronics.

Why Crystal C/C++ for MISRA C?

Crystal C/C++ includes MISRA C Static Checking

  • A completely automated way to check the conformance of software with the MISRA C standard.
  • Conformance to MISRA C standard ensures
    • Programs to be written to well-defined ensuring safety in mission critical software.
    • Reduces software development and maintenance costs as non-conformances are caught earlier in the development life-cycle.
    • Reduces time spent on code inspections - a task which is not easy to perform manually and can be highly error-prone.
    • Ensures software quality, and will fit in effortlessly with your quality assurance objectives
    • Increases productivity, shortening the software development time span.
  • Crystal C/C++ provides an interactive mechanism in which Rules can easily be configured and checked.
  • Complying with programming standards like ‘MISRA C’ reduces the possibility of run-time errors greatly contributing to improving software quality. Examples of such rules include prohibiting the use of un-initialised or unused variables, dereferencing null pointers, etc.
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