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Understand code in less time with Crystal C/C++
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Crystal FLOW for C
Crystal FLOW for C++
Crystal REVS for C
Crystal REVS for C++
I love the software. It allowed me to decipher a program of 46,000 lines of spaghetti C code across 63 files. Your code-formatting is by far the best I have seen.
- P.Hart, Los-Angeles


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In everyday situations such as:   when you design or modify code   when you inherit legacy code   generate documentation
    team discussion to solve a problem   before and during a code review    
    understand / review very long functions   optimize complex algorithms    
    restructure existing code        
  flowcharts help you complete your task much faster.    
      Save time with Crystal Flowcharts.    
Try this:  
-- Use Crystal to create a flowchart of your code.
-- On your screen, view the flowchart and code
Do you see - the flowchart is much better than the code-view?
      The flowchart shows all the code, the loops, the if-else
        branches... everything.
      It helps you review or understand code in less time
      It allows you to think at a higher level
Your time is valuable, right?
          Why lose time by not using flowcharts?
    --    the Flowchart's graphical view is easy to understand
    --    You can remember a function easily by its flowchart
    --    Divide-and-conquer very long functions in just a few minutes
   After modifying code:
-- view the flowchart to check for correctness
detect any missing branches in the code logic
   Code-reviews are more effective and produce better results
  Flowcharts... understand code in much less time.
catch errors at an early stage.
ensure good design.
     Flowcharts... for better software in less time!.
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