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Understand code in less time with Crystal C/C++
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HTML Documentation

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Add value to Code with Crystal C/C++ documents

  • Do you provide documentation to your clients?
  • While reviewing code do you end up spending a huge amount of time?
  • Do you often need to switch between a “hard copy” of code and refer to your machine?
  • Do you often discuss designs in groups?
  • Are you working with legacy code?
  • Are you deploying vital resources in maintaining your software?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “YES”, you need Crystal C/C++.

Crystal C/C++ provides the most comprehensive project HTML documentation tool.

Crystal C/C++ documents provide the best way to provide team-wide viewing of source code; to publish copies of the source code on the internet or to a CD-ROM, and to make the source code available to those who don't have Crystal C/C++ tools.

Easy to browse, Easy to Comprehend, Wide Coverage

Documentation generated with Crystal C/C++ benefits when reviewing code alone or in groups. Interactive HTML output offers quick, intuitive browsing of the code, with different information shown in separate frames.

Different Views for Different Needs

Each source file has three views associated with it:

     File Browse Tree in which you can expand any node, click on a function, an object, structure, etc to go to its definition.
     Documentation File containing the Overview of that file, Included Files, Functions defined etc.
     Source Code Listing beautified and published with syntax/keyword colorization

Each Flowchart has different views:

     Condensed flowchart providing an overview of a function.
     Detailed Flowchart providing the detailed information and code flow within a function.

Documentation is Comprehensive

Crystal C/C++ generated documentation includes Flowcharts, Class Hierarchies (derived and base classes), detailed type information about the objects used, Call and Call By Trees, Include Trees, Code Metrics – Volume, Complexity, etc as well as a Cross-reference showing where and how everything in your source code was organized.

To discuss designs with your clients, team

You can generate an on-line documentation browser and discuss designs, code-flow without actually transferring code.
You can reduce the overall development time.

Why cut corners when you can have the best?

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