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MISRA C Static Checking

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The MISRA-C programming standard was defined by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) in 1998.

Crystal C/C++ provides the ability to check conformance of code to the MISRA-C:2004 Standard

MISRA C Static Check
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The tool checks for conformance to these rules by performing an extensive analysis of the source program, including sophisticated analysis that enable detection of violations of rules which may not be obvious to a human reviewer, or, to many other tools.

     Crystal C/C++ MISRA Static Checking tool supports all the MISRA C Rules

     Allows semantic checking

     Pinpoints the exact location of non-conformance

     Line-by-line verification.

     Whole or partial programs can be checked for conformance i.e. check on a project or a
     per file basis.

     Crystal C/C++ provides an interactive mechanism. Rules to be checked can be selected.

     Non-conforming report is displayed in a multi-level tree form.

     Distinction between ?Advisory? and ?Required? conformance.

     Easy-to-use GUI to browse non-conformance and relate to the source code.

Conforming to the MISRA C Standard, Crystal C/C++:

MISRA C Static Check
Enlarge View
     Automates the inspection process, with 100% code coverage, leading to faster reviews
     and reduced burden on reviewers.

     Ensures that quality code is put into production each and every time.

     Decreases the cost of software development and shortens the development time span.

     Lowers the risk of program failure.

     Increases the productivity of software professionals through complete automation of
     the standards-checking process.

     Integrates easily with the Quality Assurance process.

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