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Premium Editing

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Feature: Premium Editing - PDF

Modified Lines - Crystal REVS keeps a record of modified lines across multiple edit sessions
To review recent modifications,
  You can highlight modified lines
  Go to next modified lines / go to previous modified lines

Errors - Syntax errors are highlighted immediately as you edit

  You can also view undeclared objects, unmatched delimiters and unused objects.
  The number of compile/edit iterations for correcting compile errors is significantly reduced

Language Extensions
  Crystal REVS supports language extensions. You can introduce new types, modifiers or other keywords
  You can null-out any word by #defining it in the Project Dummy Header file

Convenient Edit Operations
  Drag and drop editing
  Multiple Clipboards
  Uncomment - to restore commented-out code
  Delete Pair - when you wish to delete a pair of { } or ( )
  Enclose all single statements in braces
  Move all comments to the right (to get a continuous uninterrupted view of the code
  Move the current statement up or down
  Repeat a statement
  Change a while-loop to a do…while() and vice versa
  Swap parts of an if…else… statement
  Select Text - Select a whole function,
  a whole loop etc.with a single click OR Cut/Copy/Delete a whole function, a whole loop etc. with a single click

  Operations on Selected Text
    Enclose selected text in { }
    Enclose selected text in ( )
    Comment-out selected text
    Condition-out selected text (useful when nested comments are not allowed)

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