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Call/ Callers/File Trees

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Feature: Call / Caller / File Trees - PDF

  You can view the Call-tree or Caller-tree of a function. You can also view the File-tree. It shows what files are
  #included (directly or nested) in the current file.

  When you click on a node in a call-tree or a caller-tree, the corresponding function's code is displayed in the file-window.

  The file-tree highlights any missing files, i.e. #included files that could not be found.

  All occurrences of the current node are automatically highlighted. You can easily see all occurrences of the
  current node as you scan the tree.

  Call-Path Extraction: Often a call-tree is very long and it is difficult to see the full call-sequence from the root to the current node.
  You can hide all nodes except the nodes that are in the call-path from the root to the current node - or from the root to all occurrences
  of the current node. You get a clear and compact view of the call-sequence.

  You can perform a node-search to find a function in the tree. This is especially helpful in very large trees.

  Function's Occurrences List is a filewise list of all the places in the project where the current function is called. By clicking
  on any entry in the list, you can display the corresponding code.

  You can export a call-path, a tree or a selected part of a tree as a .bmp or .jpg file.

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