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Premium Browsing

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Feature: Premium Browsing - PDF

Project Browse
  Go to any function, global object, struct, or #define. Open project files

Project Reports

  A file-by-file summary of all globals, all functions, structs etc. Double-click to go to defintions
  Create Javadoc-like HTML reports

File Outline
  Go to any function in a file. Go to a set of #defines or #includes in a file

Recently Visited Functions
  Go to any recently visited function.

Function Outline
  Skeletal view of a function. Useful for overview and navigation in long function.

Full Type-Information

  View an object's declaration.
  If it involves a type-name or a struct, then how that type-name or struct has been declared and so on. You can view the full
  type-sequence with a single click; without going to the header files.

Object where-modified
  'where-modifed' occurrences of the object in the whole project
  Also, list of all occurrences of the object in the whole project

Search Modes
  Text, Lexical, Object as per scope rules, Regular Expression
  Mark occurrences in the file

Find in Files (GREP)
  Modes: Text, Lexical, Object as per scope rules, Regular Expression
  Find in files and replace; as per scope rules (refactoring).

Lexical File-Compare
  All whitespace differences are ignored
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