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   is supported
  How to Install WINE :
  from a DVD
  from the WINE Source
  from the Internet
  Is a proper WINE version
   already installed on
   your Computer ?
  Download Crystal C/C++
    for LINUX/UNIX
  Installing Crystal C/C++ in
    the WINE environment
  OpenSUSE 11
  Red Hat Enterprise
   Linux 5
  Solaris 10 x86
  Running Crystal C/C++ in
    the WINE environment
  Limitations of Crystal C/C++
    in the WINE environment
  Troubleshooting Tips

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Install Crystal C/C++ on Solaris 10 x86
Home Tips & FAQ UNIX and LINUX Support Install Crystal C/C++ on Solaris 10 x86
STEP 1.  Download & Install WINE Prerequisites
  Download the following prerequisite packages first
    For Example, To install a package XXX.pkg.gz
	     Decompress the package file with "gunzip -d XXX.pkg.gz"
	     and use command : #pkgadd -d XXX.pkg
  Login as root or the user having root privileges.
  Open Terminal Window
  Run command
  #gunzip -d GNUBase.pkg.gz
  #pkgadd -d GNUBase.pkg
  #gunzip -d ASgettext-0.17.pkg.gz
  #pkgadd -d ASgettext-0.17.pkg
  #gunzip -d ASlibconv-1.12.pkg.gz
  #pkgadd -d ASlibconv-1.12.pkg
STEP 2.  Download & install WINE
  From it will Redirect to
  Download WINE from
  Run command
  #gunzip -d ASwine-SXCE-1.1.27.pkg.gz
  #pkgadd -d ASwine-SXCE-1.1.27.pkg
STEP 3.  Install Crystal REVS
  Now Install Crystal REVS
  Follow on screen instructions
STEP 4.  Run Crystal REVS
  To Run Crystal REVS run following command
  #./wine "/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/SGV Sarc/Crystal C/UREVS/Eval/c_bin/CrystalCREVS.exe"
  Explore wine drive_c Program Files SGV Sarc Crystal C UREVS Eval c_bin
  Right click on CrystalCREVS.exe then select Open With wine
Note :
1.  Open Solaris Packages must be downloaded separately.
2.  Sun SPARC Packages are different for x86 and must be downloaded separately.
      for more information visit

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