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UNIX and LINUX Support
  System Requirements
  Which version of WINE
   is supported
  How to Install WINE :
  from a DVD
  from the WINE Source
  from the Internet
  Is a proper WINE version
   already installed on
   your Computer ?
  Download Crystal C/C++
    for LINUX/UNIX
  Installing Crystal C/C++ in
    the WINE environment
  OpenSUSE 11
  Red Hat Enterprise
   Linux 5
  Solaris 10 x86
  Running Crystal C/C++ in
    the WINE environment
  Limitations of Crystal C/C++
    in the WINE environment
  Troubleshooting Tips

Understand code in less time with Crystal C/C++
View Demo
Crystal FLOW for C
Crystal FLOW for C++
Crystal REVS for C
Crystal REVS for C++

Installing WINE from a DVD
Home Tips & FAQ UNIX and LINUX Support How to Install WINE Installing WINE from a DVD

STEP 1.   Click Computer Install Software

STEP 2.   Place the cursor in the Search panel. Enter WINE and then press

     When found, the following dialog will be displayed with the version of WINE displayed in the results window in the right.

STEP 3.   In the results window, check WINE by clicking it.
STEP 4.   To install the checked items, click at the bottom of the dialog.

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