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UNIX and LINUX Support
  System Requirements
  Which version of WINE
   is supported
  How to Install WINE :
  from a DVD
  from the WINE Source
  from the Internet
  Is a proper WINE version
   already installed on
   your Computer ?
  Download Crystal C/C++
    for LINUX/UNIX
  Installing Crystal C/C++ in
    the WINE environment
  OpenSUSE 11
  Red Hat Enterprise
   Linux 5
  Solaris 10 x86
  Running Crystal C/C++ in
    the WINE environment
  Limitations of Crystal C/C++
    in the WINE environment
  Troubleshooting Tips

Understand code in less time with Crystal C/C++
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Crystal FLOW for C
Crystal FLOW for C++
Crystal REVS for C
Crystal REVS for C++

System Requirements
Home Tips & FAQ UNIX and LINUX Support System Requirements

Operating Systems : Any flavor of UNIX / LINUX / Solaris / Free BSD / Mac OS
Emulator : WINE 1.0 stable release or above
Processor : Pentium class equivalent processor
System RAM : 512 MB
Display : 1280x1024 recommended with at least 256 color display adaptor
Minimum Hard Disk space : 50 MB
HTML Browser : Gecko SDK must be installed [ For Crystal Help / Guide ]
Recommended LINUX Operating Systems:
Red Hat based : openSUSE 11 or above, Fedora 10 or above
Debian based : Ubuntu 8.04 or above, debian 4.0 or above
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